Improving sports performance

Improving sports performance

My goal is to save the world through fitness!

Information is KEY!

Let’s begin with recovery.

That’s right: RECOVERY.

Your next workout or game is dependent on how well you recovered from your last bout of exertion. 

Furthermore, your benefits from exertion are enhanced by proper nutrition, rest, and recovery mobility. 

RECOVERY has a greater influence on progression/growth than the act of exercise itself. 

Assuredly the exercise is the catalyst for change, but without recovery there is only breakdown. 

Think of exercise as the demolition part of the process, recovery as the rebuild. 

The body needs and wants key nutrients before and after exercise. 

The right fuel will support optimal growth and recovery.

Inadequate nutrient support will not provide optimal growth and recovery.

Furthermore, consistently inadequate nutrient support develops into poor nutritional habits that have lifelong implications. 

This is even more true for the youth, as they build skeletal and muscular foundations for life in addition to their nutrition habits–You can’t make up for lost windows of growth and development. 

It doesn’t need to be all that complicated to get your essential nutrients. 

Everyone, from womb to tomb, should be taking a high quality, full spectrum daily essential multivitamin and mineral tablet. IE: Active Multivitamin and Mineral complex (NSF certified, and simply the best). 

In addition to the multivitamin, Omega supplementation is essential for all of us not consuming 4 ounces or more of fresh fatty fish everyday. That’s probably most of us. The SuperOmega supplement from dotFIT is exactly what we should all be taking daily. 

There are lots of great supplements to utilize, but the last one on this essential list is a protein powder. This is the category that is the most wrought with duplicity and like all supplements, lacks quality control in the mass consumer market (NO FDA REGULATION). Many people have complained of their bodily response to these formulas. Here’s the thing: When you drink contaminated products, the body usually doesn’t absorb them well. 

There are many formulas to choose from with dotFIT and all of them provide the exact nutrient content that their labels claim (All products are 3rd party tested). 

For most people, the WHEYSMOOTH is the formula for them. This is the low carb, low calorie, high protein formula. This can be added to any of the protein formulas to bolster the protein numbers. IE, add a scoop of Wheysmooth to the Pre/Post and you’ve got 45 grams of protein and a meal! This formula is also available in an “All Natural” style with whey derived from grass fed beef and all natural sweeteners.

If you are vegan or want a non-whey protein powder–BEST PLANT protein powder is the answer and has a full amino spectrum–so you can use it just like Whey Smooth. 

For YOUTH ATHLETES and hard gainers, FIRSTSTRING is your building block of choice. 

For those that want a more filling snack and aren’t making smoothies with their powder, the 

PRE/POST formula is the one for you! As I mentioned, you can pair this one up with the Wheysmooth and even more protein and a near 1:1 Protein to Carb ratio. 

WheySmooth, Best Plant, and Pre/Post are all available unflavored in addition to vanilla and chocolate. The unflavored option can be paired with flavor packets or just used as is!

There is also the option for near zero calorie pre/post protein from the AMINOBOOSTXXL. This is protein broken down (micronized) into amino acids. 

This formula is designed to present the right ratios of EAAs and BCAAs (Essential Amino Acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids) that muscle tissue needs for MPS (muscle protein synthesis). This is the BEST amino formula available anywhere! A must!

Lastly we have the Lean Meal Replacement protein formula. 

This blend is to be used in place of 1-2 meals per day.

Used properly (along with the Active MVM, meals meeting the bodies nutritional needs while being in a caloric deficit) and in conjunction with regular motion and movement (exercise), this product will accelerate fat loss. The LMR is not a PRE/POST workout powder. 

In summation:

Active MVM, SuperOmega, and Wheysmooth for all! 

Age appropriate versions of the multivitamin are available and the right protein blend for you is available from dotFIT. Ask me if you have any questions!

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