It is time to constantly be more consistent towards your aspirations and dreams

It is time to constantly be more consistent towards your aspirations and dreams

As some of you know, and a few appreciate, I am a writer. As some of you may know, and a few appreciate, I am a bodybuilder. I bring the two together in my training. The mind works better when in harmony with the body and the body works best in motion. This is what I mean when I speak of “Neuroplasticity.” The mind awakens during activity and new thoughts and patterns of thought emerge as the mind is more apt and able to expand and develop. 

Daily activity for the body, daily activity for the mind:

As I mentioned earlier, I have a passion for bodybuilding and an affinity for writing. These are my two main habits of health. I pour my spirit into these activities consistently, and they constantly provide my spirit, mind, and body opportunity for growth. Growth, aka, change, are constants. Why would we choose anything other than consistent growth? 

Where do you start?

We all begin at different stages. 

The key is to begin a plan that allows for consistency and progress. 

If you are not consistent, the habit can’t change you.

If you are not progressing, the habit won’t intrinsically motivate you, and you quit or consistently simply “go through the motions,” missing out on the valuable mind-muscle connections and fail to find the value in the activity. 

Without progress we feel like failures and most folks won’t continue to do things they consistently fail at. 


I recommend a daily journal. Write whatever you want for 15-30 minutes a day. Perhaps it is just a series of expletives or a run-on sentence ramble, or an opus of sorts, or anywhere in between–fabulous, get the thoughts out on paper or into the word processor screen. I ask that you actually write and don’t use dictation methods, as they disrupt the physical link of your mind to body as you shape and trace language onto the page. 

-I recommend a monthly, “Rantpad/journal” that you fill up each month with your thoughts, feelings, expressions, and so much more. You are not limited to the non-fiction section of your life. -Expand and get fansical, comical, whimsical–put yourself on a pedestal, drag yourself through whatever hell or heaven you want on paper–then step back and see what story you’d rather attach yourself to. 

-If you just cannot get yourself to do this journal step, reach out to me for some writing prompts please. 


Keep it simple.

Keep it consistent. 

Form: Range of motion, time under tension, and proper execution of motor patterns.

Exercise variety: Personal goals, body types, equipment access, etc will dictate the needs here. The thing is though, that if you properly do a steady regimen of even body weight motions, one can maintain an established physique and improve upon a, “Non-established Physique.” 

That is to say, if you’re, “Out of shape” and waiting for the right gym to open up right near you with the right schedule, etc: you are falling for an excuse for failure or suffering from ignorance–which is just another excuse for failure. 

If you don’t know how to do something that you feel/know can help you progress, LEARN.

Learn on your own or from an expert in the field. 

Learning on your own is often more time consuming, wrought with errors and setbacks, but in my experience, rewarding. 

If you are in, “No hurry,” are a self starter/learner, then going it on your own can be rewarding. One cannot argue that having someone with more experience/knowledge to learn from/with, can provide tremendous opportunities for additional growth.


If you are the smartest/hardest training/thinking person in the room, find a new room or invite more knowledge into your room.

Most of us have been hosts to bad habits and EXCUSES.

We all hear that lazy, adversarial voice in our heads. 

How much you listen to that voice is a matter of habit, a matter of choice.

You can rewire the voice(s).

You can make the choice(s).

Recognize that the body is more willing than the mind.

If the two of you combine and strategize, you will realize a progressive potential.

You won’t see the glass as half empty or full, you will see the full glass getting larger.

The vessel is always full, so it will need to consistently expand to meet the demand of the contents that are not content to keep their volume down. 

Let’s get loud.

Let’s be proud of our progressions but not prideful.

Let’s get rid of the excuses that tie us to bad habits, this will be wonderful.

Time to formulate a plan:

I am here on Earth to share my passions for writing and fitness.

With God as my witness, I am committed to this.

I believe the two will save the world.

Writing for expanding the ability of communication.

Fitness for providing proactive health care that also makes for healthier minds, so we can better express ourselves verbally to one another and through our daily actions.

I have my teaching systems rooted in experience and nurtured by application.

If you are interested in beginning a program, let’s set up a call to talk about your goals and set up a plan! 

-Rates will vary upon needs, but there’s rate programs for all budgets!

-At home programs, with or without equipment.

-In person training? Let’s chat!

-Nutritional Guidance: 80% of your health is determined by this, and I can guide you through the proper habitual changes needed to get your eating habits under control and helping you work towards your goal. This can be done remotely and very affordably! 

Message me today and let’s start progressing together!

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