The difference is in the details…

It is a DIY kind of world these days. Everyone is a self proclaimed expert in something. Often these folks operate on Social Media channels and present more than one thing that they have mastered long enough to capture in a picture. That is great for them if it helps them maintain their happiness. Too often though, these “Gurus” have not been down the road of maintenance or progression long enough to really lead. For a leader, the road is never ending and they’re always ascending. The difference is in the details…

One of my favorite quotes is from Socrates, “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” From a point of humility the mind is more susceptible to wisdom, from a matter of grace we are a better disciple, and life is the teacher if we develop an ear to hear the lesson. In other words, don’t waste any time in becoming a student of life–class is in session and we are in charge of making sure we are in a state of progression! Your mind and body are actively getting better or worse–there is no constant state for organic matter. The great thing is though, we each play an active role in our development or our demolishing. The choice, to a large degree, is up to us as individuals and the results are a conglomerate of the details. What is great is that we are all on our ways to becoming great masterpieces and our mortality dictates that we never scrap the canvas, but rather we layer on the paint and continue to improve the image of ourselves. 

We must all accept our roles as artists in active pursuit of the creation of our own beings. “Art takes discipline,” as Bukowski says, and anything that is a creation, is art. So from the start, we are art. This explains why we like to be appreciated. This explains why it can matter to be understood and accepted. This can also explain why it is so important to be mindful of the details that make up, US. Accepting and attaching yourself to things you don’t truly want to identify with can have damaging consequences on your development. We best recreate ourselves in physical recreation…you know the saying, “Born in Dance?” or how, “working out makes me feel alive?” These are flow states where our bodies come to thrive. The object mind state known as Neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to modify or re-wire itself. Without this ability our minds would never develop beyond a state of infancy–some would claim there are many without this ability. 

Movement is one of the best ways to increase Neuroplasticity. I believe that some movements promote more neuroplasticity than others. I formed these beliefs over the last 16 years of recovery from a severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  I think it is important to share what I am continuing to learn from my role as a survivor of TBI (multiple injuries actually and specifically 2004 and 2014) whom has found advanced recovery methods. The benefits from exercise in terms of neuroplasticity are not limited to those that have suffered brain injury, and more so, they are beneficial to healthy cognitive function for everyone! 

It is up to you to find and maintain your focus to build habits that will progress you towards who and what you would like to be. To find your “Reason” or “reasons” to continually motivate yourself through the high and low points in life is certainly integral to our success or strive for “quality” in life. When it comes time to properly integrate fitness into the pattern of your life, that is where I enter as your fitness professional. I have been progressing my fitness habits for over 20 years and worked with thousands of individuals on improving their fitness. The lessons I have learned are too numerous to be gleaned from a single article or hour of interaction. The motivations I have for you are too great and personalized to be contained in a social media post. The details I have to share with you, will all add up to create the progressive masterpiece of art that is you.

Posted on: November 27, 2020Ryan

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