Mutant Like Recovery!

Mutant Like Recovery!

I have always related most to Wolverine and Deadpool as far as comic book characters and heroes go. Great pains brought about their respective mutation gains–in fact, the more pain they endured, the more strengths they gained. I can relate to that. I have learned a lot through pain. We build our bodies up through pain. Pain in life is constant. 

Your ability to RECOVER from pain needs to be consistent to or better than the pain inflicted upon you by your environment. Your environment–not simply the stimulus you directly put your body under, but the physical-emotional world you habituate will dictate your recovery. As humans we break down and we need time to recover. Whereas mutants just continually break down and have their mutations of growth–in case you didn’ t notice, we are not mutants, and even mutants need time to regenerate lost tissue. Where we can enhance our recovery is through nutrition. The tissue repair you undergo on proper nutrition and supplementation compared to if you don’t eat and supplement properly is heightened recovery not just in the days following the bouts of exercise, but also between sets and through that day as well. Simple put, you perform better and you recover better. 

Get that mutant edge. This is the confidence that I get from my dotFIT supplements and I trust them for all my nutritional gap fillers. I take the Active Multivitmain, SuperOmega, Superior Antioxidant (even though I get lots of antioxidants from the multi), D3, JointFlex, MuscleDefender, CreatineXXL, AminoboostXXL, WheySmooth, Pre/post chocolate & birthday cake, and dotstick bars in lemon and birthday cake. I have taken and studied supplements for 20 years and this is by far the best brand in terms of quality, potency, efficacy, honesty, and certification. As if that’s not enough, they include all the studies behind all their products, recipes for smoothies and meals, and much more. Ready to recover like Wolverine?

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