My Goals… (as shared on IG)

My Goals… (as shared on IG)

Classic bodybuilding. I’m an all natural bodybuilder—no synthetics in these aesthetics. A lot of inspiration for the physique I aspire for comes from the golden era of bodybuilding and greats like Frank Zane (I’m not saying one way or the other that he was all natural btw). Like a statue saluting muscular proportionality. My results are indicative of my training and no shortcuts have been taken–in fact, mostly long routes wrought with obstacles…so I have a good sense of the terrain here…

I recognize I’ll probably never be over 200 pounds at this point in my lifting career (I’m nearly 40 and I’m 175 pounds stage weight here—goal is 10 more pounds!). But I’ll keep working hard to add quality muscle in balanced deposits and continue to develop better habits and systems for achieving the best physique. This is just one of the ways I continue to add to my arsenal of teaching techniques.

There are so many nuances to improving the physique to its peak. Working in the bodybuilding community with other professionals and aspiring professionals keeps the inspiration fresh. Iron sharpens iron. Anyways. I’m coming for you Frank Zane and my goals are to be a #wnbfworlds champion in #physique and #bodybuilding and to go pro in #classicphysique putting it in writing makes me have to keep my word.

Posted on: February 8, 2021Ryan

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