Nutrition Consultation!

Are food cravings and eating habits ruling your life?

Are you unsure of what to eat?

How Much to Eat?

When to Eat?

What to eat to get the results you seek?

Let’s set a time to meet and discuss your goals!

One of the best things we offer at BEE fit is our nutritional guidance! We base our systems of science and experience–not FADS!We practice the principles we preach–so we know this stuff works!We use only practitioner grade supplementation!Safe and effective for all ages and body types!Weight loss, Muscle gain, sports performance, maintenance, etc–we got you covered!

What Will We Do

  1. Determine your Body Fat percentage and Lean Body Mass and Fat Mass using calipers.
  2. Examine your current eating habits.
  3. Make necessary adjustments, transitions, and additions to daily eating. 
  4. Base eating habits around Calorie goals that are defined by Macros–Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats so you recover properly and progress towards your goal.
  5. Utilize intermittent fasting techniques.
  6. Continue to adjust as needed to get the right balance of energy while progressing towards physical goals. 

Why does this approach work?

The body is an energy system. Calories in, calories out. Keep a balance, stay the same. Surplus of calories equates to growth. Deficiency of calories equates to loss of mass. The loss of mass will likely not simply be fat mass. The goal is to get the proper nutrients during your eating window. Each person has different goals and nutritional needs. Any variety of eating systems can accomplish the calorie goals–so call it what you want: Vegan, keto, paleo, etc–what matters is meeting your nutritional needs! 

Your nutrition is the main vehicle that gets your body to where it wants to be. Use an efficient means and you will get to your destination sooner than if you are wondering all over the map without direction. Is it time to get expert navigation through your nutrition?

Message me today and let’s get going!

Posted on: June 11, 2020Ryan

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