Personal Training Class

Personal Training Class

We help you habituate competently and confidently into the fitness habit. We teach you how to optimize Hypertrophy and strength training principles to steadily progress your fitness, improve your aesthetics, and exceed your expectations for your capabilities!

Hypertrophy Strength training is 
Your answer for:
🦴Stronger bones 
💤Better sleep 
🔥Lower mortality rate/ longer play span. 
🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 
🎓Sharper cognition 
🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 
🚑Lowest risk for injury!
📈Improved health and increased play-span!

Learning how to put it all together can be challenging. At BEEfit, we remove the obstacles, provide the training space, the guidance, and you simply show up and attack your program with your coaches guidance!

Where to start with lifting?
Build a foundation based upon what you want to accomplish with your body (We coach you through this process of programming). 

Keep it simple. 
Eat Well, sleep, hydrate and lift consistently. (Our Nutritional support guide makes sure you know what to refuel with and schedules your lifts!).

Our programs guides you through:
Legs 1-2 x’s per week
Abs 3-6 x’s per week 
Back 1-2 x’s per week
Chest 1-2 x’s per week
Shoulders 2-3 x’s per week**
Arms 2-3 x’s per week **

** as few as once for some.

Your time should be spent on 1-2 multi joint movements and 1-2 accessory movements per muscle group. Your rep ranges don’t matter as much as intensity, proximity to failure, pre/post workout nutrition, or, most importantly—CONSISTENCY. 

Enroll in our pt class and you get:
🔥5 days per week of personal training. 
🔥Nutritional Guide (updated monthly)
🔥Individualized programming!

🔥App based supported training guide with logbook and encyclopedia of movements with videos!
🔥Advanced mobility training (all n one training = no need for extra stretching, yoga, etc).
🔥Professional guidance for your goals. 
💰Most affordable personal training 
⏰Tremendous value and return on your time, money, energy, and discipline. 
🐝Maximum results from your efforts. Save time, money, energy — BEEfit. 

🏋️‍♀️New 12 week program launches January first! I’m just 90 days you can be your fittest version ever!

The schedule is as following:
🐝Personal training Class times:
✅M-f 6-7am
✅T,w,Th 530-7pm

All new month to month annual memberships, get a free sample of the class!


Message me with questions!

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