Reasons why you should bee strength training…

Reasons why you should bee strength training…

If you only make time for one form of fitness, Strength Training is the most rewarding in terms of returns from the activity…

So, if you’re trying to lose fat…

Strength training is the best activity for fat loss.

That’s right. Strength Training. 

It’s not hiit

It’s not cardio. 

The best activity is not whatever jazzer-conditioning-infrared heated bs you have popping up on the feed this week.

Strength training is not going to make you bulky!

How you eat to recover from it dictates that part!

Your body will not change from your workouts alone–SEE ABOVE.

Invest your fitness for the returns you want!

Strength training is 

Your answer for:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ longer play span. 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️Peak performance potential 


LADIES: ‘I don’t want to get bulky!’

GUYS: “I’m not trying to get huge’

These concerns are equal to having a fear of becoming a NASCAR driver if you get your driver’s license. It takes DECADES of dedicated, strategic lifting, eating, resting, and discipline to get BIG from lifting weights. 

Ladies–the most amazing, admirable, aspirational and aesthetically pleasing physiques in the world are made from strength training–not doing hours and hours of cardio/yoga/pilates!

Men-You are not a high schooler anymore. Your ability to maintain, let alone add lean tissue has diminished severely and every year from age 30 on—both males and females lose an average of 1% of their lean tissue per year to sarcopenia–strength training and nutrition is the WAY TO COMBAT THIS! The next best things are so far secondary that they aren’t worth exploring!

(This is not to say that highschoolers don’t need to lift or pay attention to nutrition. In fact, they are/have established eating habits at this point and while youth is on their side, habit formation now is the blueprint for future success. With a good foundation and sound principles to empower decisions, younger lifters can accelerate their results as much or more than adults!)

Learning how to put it all together can be challenging. At BEEfit, we remove the obstacles, provide the training space, the guidance, and you simply show up and attack your program with your coaches guidance! 

Idealized training space–The right equipment, space to utilize it, clean, and community!

Program Design–Proper movements for your goals, body type, capabilities and interest. 

Nutritional Support–We set up sensible guidelines for eating habits–IE nutrition. How? We treat everyone as an athlete that is most interested in the best means of healthy recovery. This means we utilize the experience of helping thousands of people like yourself understand how to approach eating in terms of properly fueling the body for recovery and performance, while aligning habits and goals to produce positive relationships with eating. 

Why do we treat everyone like an athlete?

Sports Nutrition is the new healthy aging…we believe in creating, maintaining, and extending the play span of every individual! We BEE-lieve that the more you utilize your body’s potential, the better you realize it and the more you prolong it!

Where to start? Simply join our gym or contact us today for a FREE consult!

Build a foundation. Here’s a basic blueprint based on recovery rates.

Keep it simple. (48-72 hour rest for 1-2 x week muscles**some muscle groups take longer to recover for some individuals–though recovery rates are impacted by a number of variables beyond genetics, novelty, volume, etc.)

Legs 1-2 x’s per week 

Abs 3-6 x’s per week 

Back 1-2 x’s per week

Chest 1-2 x’s per week

Shoulders 2-3 x’s per week**

Arms 2-3 x’s per week **

** as few as once for some.

Where to spend your time on movements?

Your time should be spent on 1-2 multi joint movements and 1-2 accessory movements per muscle group. Your rep ranges don’t matter as much as intensity, proximity to failure, pre/post workout nutrition, or, most importantly—CONSISTENCY. 

CONSISTENCY is king. Bee consistent. Bee humble. Bee a student of the world. You will bee successful. 















Individual needs will determine program splits, volume, rep ranges (personal responses vary), recovery, modalities/intensifiers, and program management based on schedules for proper athletic performance/goals. 

As we have learned from human history and sports science principles:

Longevity, muscle, performance, and nutrition are intertwined. If you want progress on any of these—you can’t ignore the rest!

Pun intended. 

Rest is important. 7 hours or more! Don’t sleep on that sleep. 

Eat to fuel the body. 

Recognize each meal as an opportunity to provide the body with what it needs for energy, recovery, and optimal functionality. 

Eat to build what you want. 

Building a program for your individual goals doesn’t need to be an expensive headache or an investment in a cookie cutter program that ignores your abilities/equipment access/goals or worse, doesn’t educate you on the ‘whys and what’s’ of the process! 

BEEfit has been working with individuals in person at our gym for half a decade now! Our coaching and training programs are available throughout the world via our app based training platform as well!

The combination of our training studio to produce content and in person coaching, coupled with our training app program helps us provide straightforward, results based training that’s rewarding for physical, mental, and spiritual growth. 

Results come from:

-Intrinsic interest/drive/discipline


-Program adherence (consistency for training-nutrition–EAT–NEAT–etc based on goals).

-There are no shortcuts. 

Just more precise and consistent cuts. 

Do the work that makes you more precise and bee consistent in doing it!

Working out at BEEfit and with a BEEfit coach will accelerate your learning, your results, empower your discipline, and provide you with the framework and guidance to make lifelong progressions in fitness!

Do you know of anyone that is ready to bee their best version in 90 days or less?

Share our information with them/ Join today/ or schedule a FREE consult to determine if we are a good fit for you!

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