Teen Strength Training team!

Teen Strength Training team!

Goal: Make a giant fitness community and accountability team for teens–especially in my home area of Skagit County. I was born and raised here and I want to do my part to provide the fitness guidance and services that would have helped me flourish as a youth.


-Enroll in program and get contacted from your coach.

-set up app based program by 4/29 (for initial month–other start dates will be available).

-We will meet at least once per month at BEEfit (additional classes and attendance options available).

-You get access to BEEfit when enrolled and you are encouraged to partner up with 1-3 others in the program for training…you can even meet with the PRO trainer with your accountability partners!


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” –Frederick Douglas

Formulate a strong and positive foundation for a lifetime of progressive strength training and having a healthy and athletic body!

*Train with guidance, feedback, and accountability with our personalized training app!

**BEE a part of the youth fitness community of Skagit County–this specialized training programs can be done in gyms anywhere! (In our gym, another gym, at home?)

Goal: Teach the principles of Strength and Hypertrophy Training, Nutrition, How to Stay Fit for Life, how to approach training, how to progress it, Mobility, and more!


Add muscle, increase your leaping ability, improve your performance, and learn how to keep progressing your physique steadily for life! (This means you will learn about properly fueling your body–NUTRITION).

How do we join in on this?

Join up anytime, but our official 12 week launch date is May 1st with April 29th for our IN PERSON orientation, abdominal training session, and nutrition meeting!

INITIAL ORIENTATION: 4/29/23, 10am @ BEEfit 311 State Street Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

Attend orientation Saturday class, get your plan, execute the plan (train, eat proper, rest, repeat).

-12 week plan (2, 3, 4, and 6 days per week plans)–you choose!

-3 progressive blocks of training, each 4 weeks  

Learning and applying the principles of hypertrophy and strength training will teach us how to properly invest our time in our bodies. The goal of this program is to teach individuals all the principles of training and programming: Nutrition, mobility, hypertrophy, strength training, cardio, agility, and periodization. 

We will learn this process as we progress through a 12 week approach to training. Within these 12 weeks there will be three blocks of training at 4 weeks each. The interactive training app is overseen by coach Ryan and students can get their questions answered there and review the weekly workout reflection tab in their app to stay updated. Plus they can attend small group personal training classes at BEEfit for in person coaching at a reduced rate! One saturday per month we meet at BEEfit to review the next 4 week block/form and do abs and agility training (included with the monthly rate). At the end of 12 weeks, you’ll know how to BEEfit.

Interested? Have Questions? Want to register?

Message Ryan


Registration link below:


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