Simply Train Smarter

Too many electronics.
Too many apps.
Too many fads.
So many bodies like dads–claiming
to be gurus…all the click bait…
wait, what?
Bodybuilding and strength training
has only been around for 70 years, plus some
of those turn of the century circus body builders–who had great builds!
So having to take care of your FITNESS
is a modern evolution.
PROBLEM–we are on average, overweight due to increasingly sedintary lifestyles and nutritionally deficient diets.
SOLUTION–we need to eat BETTER and MOVE smarter… that is to say
institute habits of health that progress our play span.
additional PROBLEM–we get contradicting/confusing information on our health.
SOLUTION–get your information from a professional instructor with a body of evidence to support their claims.
This SOLUTION is ready for you at BEEfit!

Posted on: December 16, 2019Ryan

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