Skagit county fittest first responder contest, by BEEfit!

Skagit county fittest first responder contest, by BEEfit!

Eligible for all LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRE FIGHTERS, EMTs from Skagit County!

Rules: Enter 30 days or more before the 1/27/24 contest finale! What do you do? Display your athletic strength and prowess that propels you to be the fittest first responder! We will meet at BEEfit training facility for the finale to do the following lifts: 

Back Squat, Deadlift, Floor press, then we do a Pull up competition–5 minute max number, 1 mile run!

Entry: $20


Help make Skagit County home to the fittest group of first responders in the state! How?

Provide platform for recognition of the areas First Responders while also providing motivation for health and fitness progression, instruction, and access to equipment and systems for their advancement.

Competition/EVALUATION DAY – 

1/27/2024 @ BEEfit

AM Weigh in and that is the amount you lift for:

# of reps in 5 minutes for each lift:

1-Back Squat, # of reps in 5 minutes


3-Floor press

ALL LIFTS done and then you run–90 minute window for performance per competitor–hence why registration ahead of time is needed and day of check-ins important.

Then we do:

4-Pull up comp–5 minute max number

5-1 mile run –Done last

10 points each event/round for winner, 9 for second…(top 10 get 10-1 points)

Training: FREE w/ regular membership! Tuesday and Thursday nights 530 pm and discounted access to BEEfit and discounted PT rates!

How to sign up? Questions?


Gym Enrollment: “join” tab–input employer for discount sourcing

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