The newBEE freeBEE special…for Sedro-Woolley Schools!

The newBEE freeBEE special…for Sedro-Woolley Schools!

ACTIVATE YOUR FREE MONTH PASS TODAY! BEEfit is a one stop fitness center!

We are extending this offer to Sedro-Woolley School district employees: 1 FREE month at BEEfit.

How do you set this up?

Fill out the training waiver profile. (Link below or Join tab At main page).

the username and password you create here will be the same you use to check in to the app that you scan at the front or back door for entry. 

{We reserve the right to audit your employment status/verify with paystub/HR}

Next, Download the BEEfit LLC app–remember username and password you created. (note the little barcode in the upper right? Click that to expand your entry barcode for scanning)

Access BEEfit anyday you want, 430am-10pm (default access hours, we can extend outside these times as needed by request).


Let us know via email before your 30 days is up if you don’t want to continue with BEEfit at 10% off, it’s ok with us if you want to pay full rate, just let us know. JOKES, let us know if you don’t want to keep your membership going after your 30 day trial.

We believe that movement is medicine and resistance is essential!

The gym is set up for independent training and personal training. 

Our gym is stocked with all the tools for an optimal exercise experience. We designed BEEfit for results, efficiency, accessibility, and freedom of movement. 

BEEfit is an environment free from distractions and quackery–we only recommend what we know works and preach principles while fostering community.

Basic training flow:

Warm up (5-10 minutes: we recommend doing abs), resistance training (80-90% of workout time), low impact/HIIT cardio (10% or less of workout time)–CARDIO is best done on its own, or as recommended for most, walking is implemented for 30-40 minutes per day (preferably 10 minute walks post meals).

Remove hesitation. Eliminate excuses = professional assistance from BEEfit

Let’s set out on a sensible approach to improving your health.

Motion is medicine. Adding muscle isn’t easy, but it is the best way to extend your life–not just in longevity, but in quality. Why is that? Well we start to lose muscle dramatically starting at age 30 in a process called Sarcopenia. This process of accelerated aging and getting weaker is completely avoidable. How is it avoidable? Regular Resistance Training. 

At the same time your muscles are dropping off your body, your brain is shrinking! What? 

Yes, like your muscles, your brain needs to be challenged or it is following the exodus of, “Use it or lose it.”

Luckily for you, resistance training, when paired with a protein centric diet, has been proven to increase lean tissue, improve cognitive function, improve movement patterns, and is the most effective anti-aging practice there is and far more effective than ANY MEDICINE. Want to live longer and more enjoyable life? ON WITH THE RESISTANCE!

Activate you FREE MONTH at BEEfit today and we are including 5 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING classes in your free trial! Please email us the days we can expect you!

Personal Training classes M-F 6-7am, T/W/TH 530-7pm Q? Message Ryan

SEE OUR POST on programming, wellness, and refer to the chart below for training examples. We highly recommend meeting with us during the personal training times to get a professional evaluation and guidance so you can best utilize the gym and get more from your body!

For starters, 

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week and programming progresses from this general basis:


2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)


4.Pull-horizontal and vertical


6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work.

We have programs for EVERYBODY!

What does that mean?

No matter what your age, current fitness level, and no matter your fitness goal–RESISTANCE TRAINING should be the main catalyst for your maintaining and improving your health and fitness. Involve the seasoned professionals from BEEfit to evaluate and guide you in this process so we can optimize your progress! 

The sooner we build this habit, the sooner you get to enjoy your body to its full potential!

Contact us today and we will help you select the right program for your body and your goals!

Here’s a list of basic motions that should be in just about everyone’s program:

Train these 6 components at minimum 1 x Week with progressive overload principles:

1.squat (Bodyweight/TRX/Rings, box, goblet, farmer, smith machine, Back, front, etc)

2.Hip Hinge (deadlift, good morning, 45 degree back extension)

3.Lunge (Reverse lunge with TRX/Rings, reverse lunge from box, walking lunge, Bulgarian Split Squat)

4.Pull-straight arm, horizontal and vertical (example: pullover, row, pull-up)

5.Push x 2 (one for chest, one for shoulders –minimum)

6.Core* (abdominals and surrounding areas) *greatly benefits from daily work. (Reverse Crunch, Plank, Russian Twist)

We have video explanations for every motion in our training app and for FREE on our YouTube channel: ryanbeefit.

We can and should definitely target some smaller muscles by the priority principle of targeting underdeveloped muscles–a global approach. This is where hypertrophy and bodybuilding techniques really come into play to help build a balanced body and minimize injury risk. 

If you are just starting out, we highly recommend meeting with one of our coaches to help you establish the training program for you, your body, your needs, and your goals so that you can, “BEE your best Version!”

Expectations for a BEEfit program:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate/ longer play span. 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

Ready to BEE-gin?

Request your FREE consult call today if you are interested in getting the most from your training!

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