We are designed for the optimal training experience. This is defined by training programs, equipment, space to utilize it, and the support to progress through the fitness process. We grow more than just muscles at BEEfit. But yes, we grow some muscles.

Our hybrid training system requires 3 training rooms.

The Free Weight room with lots of barbells, dumbbells (lots from 3-130 pounds), specialty bars (Trap bar, Safety Squat Bar, Cambered Bar, American/Swiss Bar), Hiit Mills, Rowers, Assault Bikes, Squat racks (8 spots counting our 2 double racks with pegs, safety arms, safety harnesses, and split squat rollers), benches, terra core training stations, GHD, posing area, slam balls, med balls, bands, landmine attachments, pull up stations, ab mats, and mobility tools.

The turf patch in our long and open middle room of a hallway: 2 prowler sleds, 2 harness sleds, and the space to comfortably use 2 at a time–3 with choreography.

The Bodybuilding room. 16 feet of round, urethane coated dumbbells (in addition to the hex dumbbell collection we have by far the largest collection and selection of dumbbells in the county). Cambered and straight bars from 20-110 pounds. 8 selectorized cable stations with a variety of attachments. Every angle of bodybuilding equipment the aspiring or professional bodybuilder could ever want–all tools that are great for all levels at various times in training.

In addition to the bodybuilding areas we have two restrooms, a locker room storage area, ample storage space in both larger rooms (Free weight room and bodybuilding rooms), lots of natural light pouring in through the many windows, comfortably set temperatures, and all the professional support needed to guide you toward your goals and to sustain and reset them.

At BEEfit, we give you the tools to “BEE your best version!”

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