What happens at BEEfit?

What happens at BEEfit?

Fat loss and muscle gain is our claim to fame!

We also specialize in mobility, nutrition, contest preparation, and sport’s specific training. 

All this training experience in one place! 

Years of experience in collegiate sports, physical education, rehabilitation, personal training, and bodybuilding have coalesced into the hybrid training systems produced by BEEfit. Combining unique personal experiences with cutting edge sports nutrition and training helps BEEfit to continually produce engaging programming that not only produces desired aesthetic results, but increases strength and endurance. Translation: yes you will get visible results, but more importantly, you will feel and move better. 

To enhance your training experience, our studio is equipped with brand new, high end equipment. Not that you need your equipment to look good in order to see results, it is nice to know that you are using sturdy, safe, and very clean equipment. We don’t cut corners with our equipment or our programming! Each training session is guided by a professional trainer. All the right tools for the tasks are here and there is never any waiting for the right equipment! Moreover, we will make sure you are using the right tool for the job optimally!

Our revolutionary training systems are designed to be done in a small training group. These small groups consist of 2-10 people and these numbers allow the instructor to help individuals focus on form and details while still moving at a good pace. Small group training also helps build accountability while forging a strong feeling of camaraderie and energy. 

Results are proven to follow when individuals do personal training 3 or more times per week. For less than the cost of one private, one-on-one session, an individual can train 3-6 times in the personal training groups.  

These classes are designed to give you 3-6 days of training per week, and cover all the muscles of the body. Group training begins with an initial weigh in and body fat test. This is used to create your personalized meal and supplement guide. Additional tests and updated meal guidelines are just $50. 

These classes are offered Monday through Friday from 6-7am, and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights from 530-7pm. There is an additional class on Saturdays 9-10am to cover core specifically, and any additional needs of the week. 

We also do traditional, one-on-one personal training and book training groups outside of those times. You can set up solo sessions, buddy sessions, even establish your own group times (Teams, offices, book clubs, etc.) 

When it comes to fitness, BEEfit has you covered! 

Give us the chance to BEE a part of your fitness journey!

Would you like to schedule a phone call to discuss which option would be best for you?

Send us a message and let’s get you set up today!

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