Youth summer program

Youth summer program

This 8 week course features 24 training sessions with the areas only 


7/1/23 through 9/1/23

M/W/F @ 10am

311 State Street Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284


We will cover:

proper warm-up,

abdominal training every day,

legs 2 x week—how to properly Squat, lunge, dead lift and more!

We will train shoulders with our leg day, and on Fridays.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, we will do back chest and arms.  

Friday’s we will focus on explosive movements and do a total body circuit that balances out the rest of the muscles in addition to our team building finishers. 

The program will include logbooks for the kids, take home nutritional guidance, assignments, and a program to work off of after they’re done!

If you want to give your youth, the proper access to the knowledge and tools that they will be able to utilize for life this is the program!

Message me with any questions. Sign-up link is below with the option to pay as you go or paying its entirety… let me know if you have any trouble accessing these options.

Send your youth to class with:

1-Water bottle (pinch of Himalayan /Celtic salt)

2-Clean footwear–preferably flat soled: IE vans, converse, sambas (or Nobulls/nike Metcon/ reebok Nano).

3-Pre and Post workout Nutrition–(same as pre–the dotFIT 1st String Protein powder or pre/post protein powder). (Can have waiting in car–key is to plan!). 1-2 scoops 30-45 minutes before training and 1-2 scoops immediately following training.

dotFIT link (get Multivitamin and a protein powder–ask Ryan which powder if you aren’t sure–most will do the 2 listed above–Whey Smooth for those that are notably overweight). These are essential!

-You will notice that we only endorse this one brand of supplements–there is no one else that meets these standards in quality, 3rd party testing, efficacy, and range of effective products.

Link for sign up👇 Pay in full or as you go.

If you have more than one child attending–there’s discounts! Message to activate!

Message me with any questions!

Pay per week option should be available on the link–message me if you have any issues!

Can’t afford the program? Inquire about scholarship and discounts!

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