Our ability to recover is our greatest strength

Our ability to recover is our greatest strength

Our ability to recover is our greatest strength.

This might seem obvious. But let’s explore what I mean when I say, “Our ability to recover is our greatest strength.” Let’s start off with me saying that I am an alcoholic–in recovery, not currently blooming. Blooming? Blooming is what I call an activated, or rather, inebriated alcoholic. If an alcoholic is blooming, they’re working on a steady state of intoxication. 

Definition of Recovery:

1. a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

2. the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost.

It is stridently true that it is hard to thrive if you live a large portion of your life devoid of a normal state of health, mind or strength. Recovery from an addiction that consistently removed control of various processes and daily functions is an overt example of response to disruption of organic matter. As organic matter, more specifically, a homosapien, we can be active participants in our recovery or our destruction.

Destruction defined as (no, not the 1982 German thrash metal band):

the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.

Therein lies our dichotomy: we are equally capable of recovery as we are of destruction. Of course the line gets blurred along the way as we are conditioned, or that is we “Learn” and come to believe in the inherent positive and negative qualities attached to all things. Very often in life people have encultured, or habituated into belief patterns that don’t support the recovery of a proper state of health, and rather adjust to their “Normal” state of health, mind, or strength.

The encultured acceptance of sub-optimal health primes the citizen to be a prisoner of the sick care (not HealthCare system: as the current system is based on reactive and not proactive health solutions). The pervasive acceptance and promotion of the “American Way” of consumerism, especially dietary, is as obvious as it is devastating. How is the culture perpetuated? See the ads, see the fads, the all the bodies of all the American dads? On average what do you see? On average, what defenses do you hear? I am sure you are mad at me for even suggesting that American dads give a hoot about the burgeoning belly and the last belt loop. See, the culture of health and wellness isn’t just ignored, it is shunned and self improvement is dubbed as selfish, vain, and only for a select few individuals. 

Here’s some news: everyone around you benefits from a healthier version of you. Life is essentially one long plane crash, put on your own mask before helping others. If you are physically fit, active and healthy, you will get more from everything in life, and be able to give more of you to everything you do. Recovery happens one day at a time. It is time to recover folks. Time to end the destruction of your health. Let’s make changes. One healthy recovery habit at a time.

So what about the destruction and disruption of the muscular skeleton? That is a catalyst for change my friend. When we workout, we disrupt the muscles. Without nutrition and rest (time and sleep), there is a delayed and incomplete recovery. Optimal muscular development will only occur when you are maximizing your recovery potential and your workouts. Recovery from the workouts is what produces the results. To put it more bluntly, your recovery is more important than your workout. To get more specific, your nutrition will impact and amplify your recovery more than any one thing. How do you utilize nutrition to recover?

Meet your Macronutrient and Micronutrient needs consistently while meeting your body’s hydration needs. What are these amounts? They are based on your bodily needs, according to TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), and your physical goals (what you want to accomplish: ie, get bigger, smaller, fatter, leaner, etc). Micronutrient needs are tricky to calculate or meet from food alone, so while I recommend consuming plenty of vegetables and fruits, a high quality, NSF approved daily multivitamin is a mandatory from womb to tomb. (Your mother likely took a prenatal–and the rationale doesn’t end at birth!). 

Exercise induced recovery needs are accelerated when you use practitioner grade supplements. With pre workout, intra workout, and post workout supplementation, you can ensure your body receives the right nutrients, at the right time, to get the performance you want to promote change. In the last five years of my experience using dotFIT practitioner grade supplements for all my needs, I have seen the most significant improvements in my 25 years of lifting. My experiences are not limited to myself. I have promoted this brand to all my clients, and those that follow my advice, reap the recovery rewards. As their trainer, I get to see the results of utilizing practitioner grade supplementation and claim to be the producer the results. In other words, I demand my clients use dotFIT so that they get the results I promise and it positively reflects on our work together and thus, my brand, BEEfit. 

Don’t be held back from the results you train hard for! RECOVER from your workouts with proper sports nutrition! The knowledge of what you need to do is right here! 

  2. Pre/post protein (AminoboostXXL, or PRE/POST, or Whey smooth)
  3. Drink water! An ounce per pound of bodyweight is a good guide!
  4. There are other useful supplements, but there is no reason or need for them if you are not taking the daily multivitamin, getting your protein needs met (average of one gram per pound of bodyweight), and drinking your water. 

–This brand is safe for the whole family and the only brand I trust!–




If you are ready to discover your ability to recover, uncover the wealth of nutrition by creating a BEEfit linked account with dotFIT and we can get going on a new and healthier version of you! Whether you are training hard for an event, or just trying to be healthier, BEEfit and dotFIT are here to help provide you with guidance and accountability. Consultation is FREE, joining the supplement guidance program is FREE, and your ability to recover or destruct is FREE. It is up to you to choose! Let’s unlock your potential and expand your PLAY SPAN!

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