Ladies Lifting Team DISCOUNT!

Ladies Lifting Team DISCOUNT!

Sign up for Women’s Applied Hypertrophy Course under the Group Training tab (option 7)=Free gym access for the month of March and $75 off your second month of the course! (It will charge you for April and you won’t get another bill until May and it’ll be $75 off then! The sooner you sign up, the better your deal! Course launch is April 8th! Select the Group Training (#7) from the membership site and we will confirm with you that you are signed up for the Women’s Applied Hypertrophy Course and apply your discounts and set up your gym access! BONUS: Introductory training resources/classes, meal guide, discounted training options, and coaching support before course begins!

Sign up link (Signing up now = greater discounts! We will be taking down the discounts as we get closer to the launch).

Goals of the course:

Build and shape functional muscles for health longevity! Develop confidence, competence, and self determination via resistance training, establish a healthy relationship with nutrition, build up a trust in the progress process in the creation of our individual, “Relentless” mindsets! (Your nutritional goals are up to you! We can “shred”, “maintain”, or “gain” and your trainer will explain and guide you in this process. 

Training split:

1-Legs *2 shoulder motions, 2 arm motions

2-Back and chest 

3-Shoulders and arms


5-Back and chest*2 shoulder motions, 2 arm motions 

**Mobility and abdominal/core training at the start of every session + bonus Ab and mobility session. 

The entire 12 week program will be supported by an in depth training app…App has in house made, to the point instructional videos for every movement (not a mass produced carbon copy like other gyms do). The app has numerous features to aid in the process including: Training log, extensive movement library–including additional mobility modalities and substitution movements, 2 way communication with coach, meal tracking, progress tracking, and so much more!

One leg day will focus more on posterior muscles (Hamstrings and Glutes), the other more on anterior (Quads). Similar approach on the Back and Chest day splits–a tad more focus on each day towards the posterior or the anterior. Modifications will be made for individual needs based on development, capabilities, and other variables to determine the best motions for each individual. There are many good exercises that stimulate hypertrophy/strength responses, but some line up better, feel better, activate more, etc for different people. We have a lot of choices and will work with you to make the best determinations and accompany these decisions with thorough explanations. 

We are not doing this just to do it. Every workout, each exercise, each rep, matters. We don’t just go through the motions, the motions go through us and we come out of each session, a changed person, a charged person…invigorated, enlivened, awakened–RELENTLESS!  


You will get an initial meal guide from your coach based on your current physical states and aligned with the goals you discuss with your coach on your initial call. A follow up chat to review the guide will take place and discussions on utilizing food for proper recovery and to continue to develop good relationships with food will be ongoing with group chats, forums and more likely to emerge. Our primary goal is to help establish a positive relationship with eating. 


You are not doing this alone. Besides your dedicated coach, you have your fellow women in the course and other BEEfit community members that you are likely to meet in your journey. We are not just in person. We are united on the app, our group facebook page, through social media, and times outside of our group training course. This is not a race to a destination. This is a lifelong journey and relationship with your body and resistance training is just one of the most valuable tools we have for proactive health–physiological, psychological, biological–resistance training is simply hyper logical!

The BEEfit Gym:

Fully equipped, completely clean, free of ogres and creeps. A resistance exercise paradise ready to help you realize your potential and experience the miracle of hypertrophy! Activating and stimulating your muscles with intention is a fabulous realization and valuable tool in your personal development and preservation. BEEfit has every tool you will need in your journey and our course will make sure you know how, when, why and where to utilize every tool optimally! 

Hypertrophy Strength training is your answer for:

🦴Stronger bones 

💤Better sleep 

🔥Lower mortality rate and stronger immune system 

🤷‍♂️Less anxiety 

🎓Sharper cognition 

🏋️‍♀️ Peak performance potential 

🚑Lowest risk for injury!

📈Improved health and increased play-span!

And many more benefits!


Sign up today for the April course and you will get as much of March that’s left for FREE on the regular gym access and then get $75 off on your 2nd month of the course. IE, Pay now, use the gym all March, course starts in April and you already paid for that month, then in May pay $75 off the regular course rate! 

Questions or request a call to discuss?

Membership link👇

Just want on the waitlist and no discount, just the awesome training experience? Waitlist link👇

More Course description 👇

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