Let’s drastically improve your health without coming to the Gym!

Let’s drastically improve your health without coming to the Gym!

Let me meet you where you are at.

Does this sound right…

You: Busy with work, family, obligations.

You: Recognize that your body is going the wrong direction= less energy, bigger belly, difficulty moving/hard to do things that you enjoy.

You: Realize that you need to change, but don’t know where to start.

This is where we can help…

BEEfit: Team of experienced coaches ready to implement healthy habits based on individual needs. (BEEfit coaches: helped hundreds of folks like yourself, practice what we preach, know the ins and outs of fitness, health habits, and habit creation).

You: Ready to do something to help your health and fitness–but you don’t want to go to a gym.

BEEfit: Designs a 5 minute daily core program for you, outlines daily hydration plan, sets daily protein intake goals along with 3rd party certified and affordable protein supplement, and coaches you through healthy habit implementation.

You: commit to 60 days of the plan. Daily 5 minute abs, daily hydration, daily protein intake and juicing greens. (Greens or multivitamin–greens mix offers more benefits and greater flexibility). 

BEEfit: Answers all your fitness questions and is ready to properly progress the plan once these basic health habits are implemented/individual is ready to add 1-6 days of gym attendance/elevate nutrition protocols. 


Health is a habit. Let’s build a habit. Implementing daily core training will release “good mood” molecules from the start of each day. This will provide you with a spark of energy while boosting your metabolism and providing a progressionable core program that will improve the body and make it more likely to implement a more advanced program later! 

Order of operations:

1-Wake up.

2-Consume two tall glasses of water (you can do our Apple Cider Vinegar, Himalayan/celtic salt, glutamine method <muscle Defender-dotFIT>, or, just keep it simple–just make it happen.)

3-use restroom if you gotta go if you haven’t already, then

4-Abs: Pick one of the three sequences outlined. (link below)

5-Do a post workout smoothie to start your day/lean high protein meal.

6-end the day with your daily greens and a protein shake.

What more can you do in this program to accelerate fat loss?

3 separate 10 minutes walks each day–preferably after a meal. 

How do I start?

The format is here for FREE.

I have included videos for the abs and how to do your daily hydration start each morning upon waking. (Daily greens and at home abs program). Link below with basic outline and your alternating daily 5 minute ab routines:


Would you like additional accountability and health coaching? 

1-Contact Ryan at ryanbeefit@gmail.com to request a FREE initial 20 minute consult.

2-Set up health coach monitoring program with app support for just $30/month.

3-Progress through the habits of health with daily consistency.

4-at the 60-90 day point, it should be ideal to implement a gym program.

Questions? Send them to Ryan at the above email!

5-Assimilate wisely into the gym with a 12 week program from BEEfit, designed for your goals. 


LInk: https://bit.ly/2Y7ZJQb

1-ALL-N-1 (Yes, you can do active Multivitamin, SuperOmega, and Probiotic instead if you don’t want the alln1/if you consistently eat 4 servings of veggies per day). (take ALL n One at end of day)

2-WheySmooth (Vanilla or chocolate) (can also get the Pre/post so you have carb mix that is more filling–or simply get your carbs from fruits–convenience of protein & carb powder mix is worth it though, and probably won’t use the pre/post mix as fast). If you have any questions on this, ask us. ryanbeefit@gmail.com

First 2 items are must haves. The rest are, probably should haves…but don’t disrupt the consistency of the first 2 items in order to afford item 3 and beyond…

3-Creatine (either formula from dotFIT–the less costly one is fine).

4-Workout Extreme (Super effective and affordable caffeine–way easier and safer than coffee and energy drinks).

5-Muscle Defender (Glutamine).

6-There are other protein powders here, the Lean MR is also of interest. It is a meal replacement variation that takes longer to digest and can be very useful when used to replace meals and keep calories down.

Your supplements provide nutrients with little to no calories.

This is one means to control the daily caloric intake while insuring nutrition needs are met.

When you consistently get the nutrients your body needs, hydrate adequately, and get 7 plus hours of sleep daily, you become a super human.

The hope of this plan is habituation into healthier eating patterns while consistently consuming protein and hydrating with water.

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